Institute of Social Work and Social Policy

With the ever-increasing national attention paid to the cultivation of talents in social work in the new century, the teaching and research into social work in CUPL also gained rapid development. In 2012, the undergraduate program of social work was re-built and Master of Social Work (MSW) program was also approved in 2014. Upon the basis of two pillar disciplines---sociology and applied psychology, and with the help of other disciplines such as law and public policies, the Department of Social Work and Policies is oriented towards the cultivation of social work talents for the judicial system, social services and social governance. The core practical abilities to be cultivated include: conflict mediation, correction work, assistance in drug prohibition and rehabilitation, rescue of the vulnerable groups and protection of legal rights.

Director:Xiong Guibin

Vice Director:Jiang Haiyan


Zheng Mengyi  Zhangli     Lian

Yanglu      Li Huairui