Institute of Psychology

China University of Political Sciences and Law used to be the pioneer university in carrying out the research into criminal psychology and forensic psychology, and now still maintains its frontier research in this field. The academic team headed by Prof. Luo Dahua, one of the major path-breaking figures in contemporary criminal psychology research field, laid the foundation for the development of the discipline of psychology in School of Sociology, CUPL. In 1981, the teaching and research team devoted to exploration of criminal psychology was established, headed by Luo Dahua and affiliated to the T&R section of criminal investigation. In 1983, the T&R section of criminal psychology was established, the first one across the country. The Forensic Psychology Committee of Chinese Psychological Society was affiliated to CUPL ever since its establishment in 1983, whose current chairman is Prof. Ma Ai from School of Sociology. Prof. Yang Bo is the chairman of Forensic Psychology Committee affiliated to Chinese Social Psychology Society. In 2004, the application for first-class graduate program for psychology major was approved and in the same year, the postgraduate program in criminal psychology also went underway. In 2006, the undergraduate major of applied psychology was established. In a backward glance, after three decades of persistent efforts, the Department of Psychology features the complete talent cultivation system ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate, and the most comprehensive discipline of forensic psychology. Founded upon the disciplines with its prominent characteristics, and competent teaching faculty, the Department of Psychology has gained rapid development and the “small yet strong, exceptional and excellent” development pattern has come into being.


Vice Director:Gaoqin


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